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Recover From Depression at CASA Recovery (DEPRESSION RECOVERY TRACK)

CASA Recovery aims to cure and treat depression not by medication, but through holistic therapy. We do not believe in simply giving you anti-depressants, which only alleviate the symptoms of depression but never really cure the underlying problem. Instead, we'll design a tailor-made therapy program to address your inner hurt and anger, and help you release them through group therapy and individual scheduled sessions in a safe setting. If you need to stay longer, we ensure a continuously comfortable, supportive, and uplifting environment. By the time you leave, you can be confident that you have developed a better way of dealing with your emotions.

Recover Through the Red Road Track (NATIVE AMERICAN RECOVERY TRACK)

We offer a specialized treatment program called 'Red Road,' which is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous with a 12-step backbone, but with an additional spiritual emphasis. It is combined with the Drum Circle, a therapeutic program that helps you taps into your inner creativity and spirituality while you are in a supportive environment. CASA Recovery has certified Native American counselors to ensure a high-quality and effective culturally-centered program. We provide Experiential Workshops with activities like story telling, Pow-wows, basket weaving, and arrowhead making, and more.

Depression Treatment through a Christian Recovery Program (CHRISTIAN RECOVERY TRACK)

CASA Recovery can help you restore and improve your relationship with God through a treatment program designed to enlighten your spirituality and self-worth. Our Christian recovery program is tailor-made and individualized, and we hope that it helps you rediscover and strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus. Our certified Christian counselors aim to address inner emotional problems that may have contributed to your depression and substance abuse. In addition to our Christian recovery program, we provide holistic therapies like acupuncture, detox massage, and meditation to enhance the renewal of your mind, body, and spirit. Clients who complete the program develop a stronger sense of spirituality, helping them stay sober.

Recovery Program for Military Personnel (MILITARY RECOVERY TRACK)

Here at CASA Recovery, we understand the unique strain of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by war, so we provide a comprehensive treatment program for individuals who have served the military and would like to heal through advanced holistic therapies and counseling. To learn more, call our 24/7 hotline at 1-88-928-2272 now to speak with one of our addiction professionals.


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