What to Look for When Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Making Decision for Addiction Treatment

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an intensely personal journey and so is rehabilitation and recovery from the illness. For this reason, people select rehab centers for different reasons in order to find the one offering programs that best resonate with them. Some may prefer the traditional approach of 12-Step, whereas others may seek holistic or complementary therapies as an alternative. Ultimately, there is no “one size fits all” approach to addiction treatment.

Celebrities and Addiction: Why we are Seeing More Celebrity Addicts

Seeing More Famous People with Addictions

Ultimately, celebrities are normal folk with all the issues and problems we all experience in our lives. That said, we tend to imagine they life stress-free lives where the only decisions they have to make is which car or home to buy next. We live in a world where we still believe that money buys happiness and so there’s a widespread denial of the fact that rich and famous people can have problems too. However, the truth is far from the misconception and celebrities often find themselves hoisted in front of the public in ways they may never have expected.