Crime and Alcohol; What are the Dangers?

The Connection Between Alcohol and Crime

Drinking alcohol is a very common way of relaxing and socializing and is a feature of many celebrations and events. The effect it has on your mind and body, such as feeling relaxed and less inhibited is what makes you find it enjoyable. However, becoming hooked on these effects can bring dangerous consequences.

Understanding Addiction; How an Addicted Brain Works

How your Brain is Wired with Addiction

Your brain is remarkable. It regulates your body’s vital functions, helps you to understand experiences and forms your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. In order to function, it is constantly sending messages between brain cells using chemicals called neurotransmitters, something which you don’t even know is happening until perhaps you take a mood-altering substance. Substances like alcohol or drugs affect the chemical functioning of the brain to produce pleasant feelings. This makes us want to repeat the action but it is all too easy for the delicate chemical balance of the brain to be disrupted and addiction is the most obvious example of this.